School Goals

Improving Life and Learning at CHS!

Although we work from a multi-tiered five-year strategic plan at CHS, we establish yearly supporting goals to carefully shape our students' learning experiences and environment; these goals are based on data and feedback which come, in part, from school-based and "Tell Them From Me"-based survey responses. As a result, elements of our goals--or the outworking of them--are dynamic rather than static. 

Below you will find a simplified version of the basic school goals that we develop for each school year in the context of our partnership with Prairie South School Division.  If you are interested in understanding either the five-year strategic plan or the action steps outlined in support of our yearly plans, please feel free to contact our CHS administrators.

The entire culture of CHS is geared towards nurturing one's relationship with Jesus, as well as figuring out how to live as a follower of Christ in the world today. I'm incredibly thankful for the time that I was able to have as this school!
Rylan Wheaton